About us

Imme VR is designed to manage and publish infinite 3D space, products and 360 interactive photo & video virtual tour, combines technological innovation with a unique, pioneering and in-depth approach to the new art of immersive VR and AR consumer experience.

Imme VR technology platform - including proprietary 360 camera systems, 3D visualization and accompanying post-production software and process - which sets the industry standard for the highest-quality VR & AR content.

Led by director and visionary Christopher Wang, who founded Spot Works, a globally well known 3D rendering studio that specializes in high end architectural visualization.

"Once the VR headset is on, the viewer is on an interactive journey into an amazing world without leaving the comfort of their chair.This immersive experience surrounds them, convincing the viewer that they really are there.We can create unique immersive experiences, in a variety of spaces. From a 360 video shoot that follows a narrative, to a fully interactive user lead experience, anything is possible within this Virtual Reality space."

-Christopher Wang  
 Director & Founder