Interior 360° Virtual tour

Introducing an interactive way of showing your clients the final product of a planned development. Users are given a first person view of the interior of the building in which they are able to rotate the camera in a 360° angle. The user is also able to navigate through different rooms just by clicking on either the floor plan or the icons that corresponds with the right room. These would provide the clients with a better understanding of how the end product of the development would look like as compared to just looking at still images. The virtual tour also supports mobile devices, just with the scan of a qr code users would be redirected to the mobile version of the tour. There is a google cardboard feature too, if you have a google cardboard and want a much more immersive experience then that’s the feature for you. The tour is accessible with just an internet connection and your personal computer or smart phones. No other plug-ins or software is needed so you can be sure that clients won’t be facing difficulties in using the tour.

View in the web browser, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard (VR glasses), Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.