AR Floorplan / Video Play


See first-hand the fusion of the physical and digital world to become what is known as Augmented Reality, another technological innovation that paves a way to bring digital data to “life” either by playing a video on top of a brochure or a model popping out of a floor plan which is a creative way of advertising a product. The application is available to both Android and IOS platform. The Floor plan and the cover page of the brochure for scanning is also available at our website. The application has two main function, video playback and 3D Model Viewer. Video Playback works when the phones camera detects the brochures cover page which would then prompt the application to display the video on top of the image. This could be very handy as the video could just summarize the content of the brochure so users won’t have to flip its pages. With this function, brochures could also provide extra content in the form of videos to supplement the information or add information that may not be included from publication. 3D Model Viewer works similarly as the Video Playback but instead of a video appearing, a 3D Model of the floor plan would be the one that pops out. The user could then move around the floor plan to get a better view of the model as both the interior and exterior are visible. This function is a great way to show your clients how the plan would look like once it is developed, provide them with a better understanding of the floor layout and be able to see building as a whole.

View in the Smart Phone with Imme VR app.