Mobile / Google Cardboard

Be transported to a virtual world where you are able to view the rooms interior and be able to walk around it all at your own comfort. All this with just the use of your smart phone and a google cardboard. The application works by providing the users with a view of the interior of a building in which the application makes use of your smartphones gyroscope to detect where you are looking at and simulates the tilting of the user’s head in the application. With just a tap of the button the users would be moving towards the location that they are looking at and they could stop by tapping the button again. No Cardboard feature is also included for those without a Google Cardboard. The application makes use of Virtual Reality, a cutting edge technology that can provide a demo for planned developments to clients where they are able to feel like they are walking around and be able to check how each room would look like once its built. The application was developed using Unity and makes use of 3D Models, so as long as there is a 3D model for the building/object then it is possible to create a virtual world for it. The application is also supported by both Android and IOS devices.

View in Mobile or Google Cardboard.